Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Capturing a Moment - Camping, Part 3

We went camping this past weekend with two other families. I wrote several short segments about our great camping weekend. I'll post one segment a day.

Capturing a Moment - Camping, Part3

Coffee Addict
Dave brought his coffee
but forgot his coffee maker.
He goes for a whole day
until he finally breaks down
and begs us for a Cup O’ Joe.


  1. He had the coffee, couldn't he have jerry-rigged a coffee-maker out of some leaves and a couple of twigs? Isn't that what camping's all about?


  2. Ha! I love Mood's suggestion. :)

  3. Mood, LOL! Our other friends did have to substitute a napkin for a coffee filter. Does that count as roughing-it?

    Patti, glad your hubby got his coffee! Could have been really bad.

    Alison, Thanks for leaving a comment!


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