Friday, November 21, 2014

Card Ministry - What do I put in the cards?

A card I'm working on with Scripture bookmark
Writing cards and notes of encouragement is an easy way to show you care (and to show God's love).  You can go to God in prayer and ask Him who to write. Then, pray for that person before starting.

You can keep it simple, but to make it meaningful, it should have more than just your signed name.  Here are some ideas of things to include.

1. A heartfelt note that is specific for that person. One to two paragraphs is good. Maybe you are praying for them or you recall a special moment you shared with them. Keep it positive and uplifting and always pointing to God.

2. You could add a little something extra to the card. Some ideas:
* A bookmark (I make homemade Scripture ones)
* A Scripture focus
* A gift card for coffee
* A prayer you wrote out just for them
* Artwork (from you or one of your kids or grand-kids - a great way to involve them in helping to brighten someone's day)
(Note: make sure postage is correct. 1 stamp = 1 oz envelope)

Do you add something special to your cards or notes?  If so, please share!

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