Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Card Ministry - Where do the cards come from?

Cards come from the Card Stork, right?!
When I was thinking of starting a card ministry, I wondered where the cards would come from. I had a handful of blank cards in my own card box that I could give, but would I have to constantly buy cards for it?  I didn't have a budget for that.

O ye of little God.

So, I decided to put it in God's hands and step out in faith. I asked Him to bless the ministry, and then...

*I e-mailed all my church and writing friends and told them about the ministry (they were excited!), and asked if they had any cards to donate.

*I explained the ministry in the church bulletin and on the church's Facebook, and asked for card donations.

Donated cards have been coming in -- in gallon size baggies, in boxes, in grocery bags! I'm going to expand the ministry soon to include Birthday, Sympathy, Thank You, and Holiday cards because cards of all kinds have been donated -- how cool is that?!

Also, someone donated two reams of white card stock and that inspired me to make homemade "Doodle Cards" (more on that in a future post).

So, if you want to start a card ministry, don't fret over where the cards will come from. They'll come. Trust God.

Do you have a plethora of cards at your house that you've never used? Hmmm...maybe you could start a card ministry (hint hint).

More posts on card ministry to come. Blessings to you!

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