Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Poetry Schmoetry -- Monster Protection

I will be posting one poem each day of Poetry Schmoetry (July 11-14).

Monster Protection
By Dawn M. Hamsher

There’s a monster in my room,
But he won’t be my doom.

I imagine him 6’ 9”

With quite a dark hairy spine.
And evil eyes with green glow.
A flicking tail that hangs low.

Huge nostrils blow foul steam. 
Breathe like hot onioned sardines.
He hunkers and creeps in the dark.
He waits for my sleep to embark
On his quest to devour my soul.
But I have a plan to unroll.

I’ve hidden it under my cover.
Waiting for him to discover.
It’s something that’s sure to appease
A plate of bologna and cheese.


  1. Quite humorous, Dawn. I liked "Huge nostrils blow foul steam.
    Breathe like hot onioned sardines." ewwwwww!!!!!
    Pam at

  2. Ha, what monster could stand up to such a formidable weapon? I'm not so scared of the dark now that I know the secrets of monster slaying!

  3. Pam -- Thanks! Yeah, I thought those might evoke a very distinct image in a reader's mind!

    Diego -- I know!!! The secret is now out and all children can fight their own monsters. ;0)

  4. lol! That's very cute! I had no idea monsters liked bologna.

  5. A plate of food, in exchange for soul?? My goodness!! Your thoughts are awesome!!

    Ha Ha!

    keep visiting me at
    Anther Author

  6. This is such a fun poem - I really enjoyed it.

  7. Nisa, I was a closely guarded secret.

    All My Posts, I like your website!

    Umbrellalady, I'm so glad!

    Patti, Thanks girlfriend!

  8. This was a very entertaining look at monsters! Julie

  9. Julie -- Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  10. Hot onioned sardines! Ha!
    When you were a kid did you ever lay really still and hope that the bad guy/monster would already think that you are dead?
    Oh. Me neither.

    Funny poem!


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