Monday, July 18, 2011


Writing Exercise: Write about this photo prompt. 
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Photo by Toby Hamsher 2011, Cowan's Gap State Park

My Response:

Wet drops land hard and fast against the wooden planks.
The sudden summer storm catches us unprepared.
In halter tops and flip flops, we wait it out under a camping pavilion.
Rivlets of water trickle through my hair and down my back. 
I shiver at their tickles and catch a chill despite the 90 degrees.

No one talks, we just watch the rain. 
We listen to it pound on the roof. 
We hear it splatter through the tree leaves.
The rain is so hard that it shrouds the forest like a veil.
I breathe in its heaviness. I smell the pine.

I relax and close my eyes. I am there.

Note: This is fiction. I did not go hiking that day. My husband went and took this shot! I wished I could have gone and now I have, through my writing!


  1. That is an awesome photo, and the write reflects it so well. I will be writing something today, but have a lot of catching up to do!

  2. The writing matches this photo perfectly. Great job!

  3. Well done! I think you caught the mood of the photo perfectly!

  4. So rich and vivid with sensory descriptions!

  5. No one talks, we just watch the rain.
    We listen to it pound on the roof.

    These two lines are awesome!! when it is raining, I go crazy with joy!!

    with warm regards
    Another Author

  6. Susan -- I can't wait to read your writing on this!

    Samantha -- Thank you so much!

    Umbrellalady -- Great! Thank you!

    Brianna -- Thank you for emailing me about those two mistakes. I've corrected them.

    All My Posts -- I like those two lines too. I love the rain. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. A beautiful photograph.
    I see this and my heart sinks a little because I have all the picnic equipment in the car and we can't use it.
    The weather looks like it will be bad for hours, so we might as well return home. sigh.

  8. I am there too. What a beautiful photo and lovely bit of writing too. I so love the rain!

  9. I had to come back, and re-read your post. Loved how you said that you were there, through your post. That is such an awesome photo. Where was it taken?

  10. Anthony -- Thanks for adding what you'd write!

    Nisa -- Thank you, Nisa! I'm so glad you like it!

    Susan -- Awesome that you came back to read again. I just LOVE this photo. My hubby takes some really good ones! This was taken at Cowan's Gap State Park, South Central Pennsylvania.

  11. Are you sure you weren't there that day? Great description--so on target it is as though you really were there!

  12. I'm so glad you commented on my blog. I love your description, I can relate totally to the vivid picture you paint - the photo is great, and your words complement it beautifully.

  13. Love the picture and the writing piece. We had a summer rain storm here yesterday - pounded down for a few minutes and then passed. I love summer storms.

  14. In the middle of our Texas drought that was a refreshing read.

  15. I felt like I was there too. I miss those rain storms like that-- we very rarely get summer rain in Los Angeles and in the city it's not the same as you've described. Beautiful.

    Tossing It Out

  16. Pam -- :0)...You know I wasn't there! Wish I could have been. It would beat sitting in my cubicle all day at work!

    Sue -- Thank you, Sue for your kind words.

    Stacy -- Me too!

    Sharon -- Glad it brought you some relief...if only in your imagination.

    Lee -- Thanks, Lee. This was a taken at a PA state park that I often go to, so I had memory to go off of.


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