Thursday, July 28, 2011

POV -- Who's on 1st and 3rd?

Writing Exercise: Try different Points of View (POV). Take a section of your writing and re-write it in a different POV. Which works better for the piece?
Before doing this exercise I read:

How to Choose a Point of View by Ginny Wiehardt

Point of view is the perspective from which a story is told. We may choose to tell our story in
As a writer, you must think strategically to choose the point of view that will allow you to most effectively develop your characters and tell your story.

How To Start Writing in the Third Person by Ginny Wiehardt

Here's my response.
First Person:

I stood out, way out, on the baseball field. I was one of those kids daydreaming out on left field. Our tee ball team was called the Yellow Jackets and we wore yellow baseball hats and yellow shirts with black lettering. The other kids were excited to be on the team. They shouted, “Sting like a bee!” I didn’t. Out on the field, I was more interested in dandelions than the ball. I prayed the ball would not come my way because I knew I would not catch it. I was afraid it might hit me.

Third Person:
Little Dawn Horner stood out in left field, where her coach told her go. She looked the part of tee ball player with her clean yellow shirt and cap. The front said Yellow Jackets in black lettering, but she wasn’t a Yellow Jacket. She was more like a honey bee. That’s where her mind was right now, down in the clover and dandelions at her feet. They were more interesting than this game. Occasionally she looked up and prayed that ball would not come her way. If it did, she knew she would duck, afraid it might hit her. She would not catch it.

Thoughts -- I like the Third Person better. It has more of a story-telling feel to it. I felt able to be more flexible and creative. 

What do you think? Do you have a POV preference in your writing?



  1. I tend to write in first person, but sometimes I do this exact exercise just so I can get some perspective.

  2. Samantha, Yeah, it is good practice to see the differences.


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