Tuesday, July 5, 2011

See Photo Write Challenge - Indian Dreams of Freedom

1st Writes now has a photo writing prompt, called "See Photo Write" every Monday! You can join in the fun by writing to the prompt, posting it to your blog, and then linking it!  For this week's photo click here

Here is my response to this photo prompt:

Indian Dreams of Freedom
by Dawn M. Hamsher

What am I doing here?
I've asked myself this question for 20 years.
I'm a warrior. I'm meant to ride free.

Yet, I'm here. Captured in cement in a schoolyard.
Children swing from my powerful arms.
Rust gnaws on my body and I waste away.

On my face is painted a silly grin, but I'm not happy.
If only I could break out.
I'd climb across one of those ponies I see passing by.
They have wheels, instead of legs, but no matter.
They'd work for a getaway.
And I'd whoop and declare my freedom.
That's what I'd do.


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