Thursday, July 21, 2011

Writing Prompt - Hot

Let the heat of the summer, make your creativity sizzle!
Writing Prompt: Let one of these inspire you to write, despite the heat. "It was so hot..." or "Hot enough to..."
Here is my response. 
Josh and Todd were bored so they asked me to go inside and get an egg. I was game. Mom was at work. She'd never miss one egg. The rule was no kids in the house while Mom was out. She never said don't take an egg. 

So, Josh cracked the egg on the macadam and tossed the shell. He wiped the egg slime on his pants and then we all laid down in the dry grass to watch the egg.

It was hot out. Sweat rolled down my back under my pink terry cloth halter top. I noticed Todd's black hair was all sweaty and Josh wiped his forehead with his shirt sleeve.
"Dang it's hot. We been layin' here for 10 minutes and it ain't doin' nothin'," said Josh.
"Yeah, this was a stupid idea. Who wants to watch a dumb egg cook anyway? I'm goin' for lemonade at my house."
"That sounds good, I'm comin' too."
I didn't follow them. They'd just start playing dumb boy video games. Nah, I'd stay. 
It took about 20 minutes, but the egg started turning white and began to slowly bubble. I watched it for a few more minutes until I was satisfied that it really was cooking, then I headed inside for some iced tea.
Later, at dinner, my mom asked me if I knew how a cooked egg got on her driveway. Oops! After dinner I picked up the rubbery egg, sniffed it, and tried a bite before throwing it in the garbage can. It tasted OK, but I preferred scrambled better.


  1. I like your prompt ideas--you got me thinking already!
    Your egg story is so real! Is it based on something from your own childhood?
    Pam at

  2. Very good--I always wanted to try that. Now I know what it would taste like.

  3. Pam -- No, I made the egg story up. The heat scrambled my brain. :0)

    Shelly -- No, not! Ha ha.

    Susan -- Don't try that at home, kids! See, the heat's getting to me.


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