Sunday, June 26, 2011

Blog Chat #2

Blogging Is For the Ducks!

Last week, I met up with my blog buddies, Pam and Brianna for a Blog Chat. We decided to meet without our laptops at a local college campus by a stream. We set up our lawn chairs, indulged in Crystal Light Iced Tea and Key Lime Pie Bars, and began talking blog

Before long, we got company. Two ducklings came onto the bank and proceeded to nest on our shoes, taking turns visiting each of us for the entire 2 hours. Blog talk went out the window as we made over the two seemingly orphaned ducklings. 

Since we didn't get too deep into blog talk, I decided to reflect on the ducklings and what I could glean from them about blogging. Here's what I came up with:

  • Need for community
  • Visiting is good
  • Stick together
  • Be careful where you wander (there are dangers out there)

What is something in nature that has caused you to reflect? 


  1. Birds cause me to do a lot of reflecting.

  2. I just read a wonderful lesson learned from animals at Jewels of Encouragement called "A Joyful Noise" by Betty.
    I also agree with Wanda--I learn much from the birds. As I write this I can hear them waking up and sharing their praise of God with all the world. While it might sound like cacophony to some, it sounds like praise music to me.

  3. Actually, between the post I read at Jewels of Encouragement and here at The Write Soil, I felt I should post one of my own on birds. Thanks for being the inspiration God used today, Dawn.

  4. Wanda, I agree! Thanks for stopping by!

    Pam, Can't wait to read both posts! I'm glad you were inspired! I'll be over to read in a bit.


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