Wednesday, June 22, 2011 This Week (Updated)

Panda Mania VBS 2011
I'm thick in the middle of VBS this week! I co-lead the opening and closing of Vacation Bible School. I get to sing, dance, act, and generally act like a goof-ball --all in the name of Jesus! It is great fun.

It is a challenging week though. I work full-time and then go straight to VBS. That makes for one tired girl! But there is a reason I do it year after year. It is the look in the children's eyes as they watch us. It is hugging, talking, and high-fiving the kids.

I almost get choked up thinking about the role I play. I am one of the lights of Jesus to these children. Some of these kids never set foot in a church any other way. They come to have fun. Well, I hope they feel loved and through us, they see Jesus.

Jesus hugs the children
Tonight, is my favorite night of the VBS week! Jesus comes out and all the kids go up to him and hug him. Then we pray and kids can invite Jesus into their hearts. It is always emotional. 

My neighbor, Jeffrey, plays Jesus. Last year, a little boy named Jacob, with Down's Syndrome, gave him a hug and his heart just melted (There is a wondrous story about Jeffrey and Jacob. I will write about it soon). 

Thank you, God for your love. May I pass it on. Amen


  1. I miss VBS. When I was a teen, I was one of the 'leaders' up there acting goofy. Now I teach my girls the songs I learned there. VBS is very important and I'm sure you are doing a great job!

  2. Yes, I agree! I just got done with Day 4 and it was awesome. This is the night I love the most...when Jesus comes out and all the kids hug him and we pray. I always get choked up!

  3. You do an awesome job with VBS Dawn--thank God for you & your gifts :)

  4. Thanks Patti, Wish you would have been there this year. I missed hanging out with you in between sessions.

  5. Dawn, I know your excitement. I have assisted with VBS for years before I became ill. I was the one in front acting like a goofball. It was fun.. I enjoyed watching the children learn about God. It was truley a blessing. may God reward you greatly.


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