Monday, June 20, 2011

Photo Writing Prompt - House

Photo by Toby Hamsher, 2011

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  1. Neighbours? We never see each other any more. Even our children spend all their time playing on the computer and yet it is beautiful outside. Oh how I would love to spend time with you over a cup of tea or possibly have a barbecue together or just to sit in the sun. Are you there? We don't see each other any more. Are you there?
    Knock, knock.
    Hello, we are new to the area, I'm your new neighbour.
    Oh! I didn't even know they had moved. Would you like to come in and have a cup of tea?
    You would?

  2. Loved your story, Dawn.
    And Geoff, you are right. We rarely know our neighbors!
    This is going to be great fun! I am enjoying how varied the stories are from the same photo.

  3. Geoff, I love your story. We get so wrapped up in ourselves and technology that visiting with friends isn't done much anymore. It is so sad.

    Pam, It is neat to see the variety!

  4. My response to the prompt:

    The house sighed and her joints creaked, she was feeling her age, but she was happy to still be standing after 100 years. She'd seen a lot change through her windows. The houses across the street had been bulldozed to build a new gas stations. And then there was the time she'd been damaged when the house next door caught fire. The mismatched bricks were a scar from that.

    She had been blessed with 12 families so far and 32 children were raised under her roof. She smiles at the memory of running shoes on her bare wooden stairs and the screams and giggles of children playing hide and seek in bedrooms and hall closets.

    Today, the house is too quiet. There are no children, they are grown and gone, just the old mother and father remain. They sit out back and hold hands in the garden. Soon, they will move on and a new family will come.

    The house looks forward to more children. Even if they crayon her walls or slam her doors, she won't mind. She feels the most alive when children are a muck.


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