Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just My Style!

Stacy Post from A Writer's Point of View has me going again! Her post on writing style Writing Style from A Reader's Point of View opens with her own personal sense of style and then hits on writing style. 

I wanted to explore this further, so I read Grammar Girl's Understanding Voice and Tone in Writing by Julie Wildhaber.  Takeaway: These words can be used interchangeably: voice, style, personality.

Now for an exercise of self-discovery!

Writing Exercise: 
1. What is your personal sense of style?
2. Think about your writing. Describe its style.  
Click here for list of writing style terms to assist you. Ask critique partners to describe your writing style.
3. Compare 1. and 2. and share your thoughts about the similarities and differences. What did you learn?

My response is below.

1. My personal style --
  • Personal Style/Attributes: Comfortable consignment shop clothing, ball cap, sneakers, soft t-shirt, long auburn hair, pony tail, no perfume, all legs, crooked smile, hazel eyes, glasses. 
  • Voice: Verbal, passionate, yet introverted at times.
  • Personality: Honest, hard-working, dependable, loyal, task-oriented, practical, self-motivated, encourager.

2. My writing style --
  • Dialog-rich, inspired by my love of theatre, strong focus on pacing, humorous (my observation)
  • Enthusiasm, Brevity (per Pam Williams, critique partner, 2 Encourage)
  • Sincere, Conversational, Insightful, Encouraging (per Virginia, critique partner)

3. Comparison of me and my writing -
I am true to myself in my writing. What you see (me) is what you get (my writing). 

In closing, this was a good exercise, especially getting feedback from my critique partners on my writing style!


  1. Dawn, this is a great exercise that helps clarify a puzzling word "Voice". I like it and plan to try it for myself. Thanks!

  2. Great, Pam! And thanks for your feedback on my writing style!

  3. I find your style to be intriguing, exciting, engaging and descriptive.

    By the way, I did this exercise in combination with one from Alana at Writercize for my post on writing today.

  4. Thanks Brianna! I really appreciate your comments on my writing style!


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