Thursday, June 2, 2011

What Matters...

Carla's Writing World is becoming a favorite blog stop for me. Today's post  
Writer, How well do you know your audience? made me want to drop everything 
and do her exercise. And, in fact I did! I'm sharing it below.

Carla's Writing Exercise: What is important to your audience? Think of 20 things that matter to your audience.  
My response is below.

What is important to my audience? Hmm... First, I need to think of the audience that will one day read my book (optimistic, aren't I?). Well, they will be like me and my daughter. People who love to read chapter books full of adventure and fantasy (books like Harry Potter and Peter and the Starcatchers). 

Here is what I think matters to them:

                                             Believability (in characters, story and setting)
Photo by Capture Photography
Mythical creatures
Good Vs. Evil
Short Chapters
Good battles
Love for Main Character
Plot twists
Pets (yes, pets...are always good)
Good characters
Relationships between characters
  Satisfying ending
   Well Researched (if applicable)

Now, to keep this all in mind as I write! :0)


  1. I like that you envision your audience as people who are similar to you. I think a lot of people try to reach a certain audience and get worried that they aren't pleasing this audience and becoming "popular." Writing from our hearts is best, in my opinion.

    Pets in a story do have a certain charm.

    Great post. :)

  2. Dawn, I love your list--I think I would enjoy your books too! Thanks for the mention too. ;)


  3. you will be publushed one day!!!! Dont give up...

  4. Jade, thanks. I want to write what I like to read. That is very fulfilling.

    Carla, thanks for the inspiration!

    Keena, I won't give up! This book has to be written!

  5. Great exercise!
    Knowing our audience is so important!


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