Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Photo Prompt Challenge - Some Piggies

1st Writes now has a Photo Writing Prompt every Monday! You can join in the fun by writing to the prompt, posting it to your blog, and then linking it!  For this week's photo click here

Here is my response to this photo prompt:

Some Piggies
by Dawn M. Hamsher

Some piggies are good for banking.
Some piggies are good for baking.
Some piggies are good for riding. (See Baby Monkey Riding on a Pig video)
And some piggies are good for...licking?


  1. Hahaha!

    If that had been Monkey, I would have had a cow! *shudders at the germs*

  2. That's funny :)
    You should join my poetry blogfest! This is a perfect entry :)

  3. Brianna, I know...gross!

    Shelly, Your poetry blogfest looks fun. I signed up.

    Shelly, thanks!


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