Sunday, June 19, 2011

I Need Questions!

I woke up from a nap today (yep, it was wonderful) with the urge to write a series of short skits for church! Each skit would be based on a question people have in their faith journey. I have two questions, so far:
  • "Why does God love me?"

  • "How can Jesus' death cover all the sins of the world, even mine?"

I could use your help coming up with more! Please leave your questions in the Comments Section. Thank you, in advance!

What are some questions you grapple with in your faith?


  1. How come some people get their prayers answered and some (like me!) don't?

  2. Here are some questions I've thought about in the past...

    1. Does God ever feel tired/bored of forgiving the same sin over and over again?

    2. Why did Jesus have to suffer such a terrible death?

    3. What is His favorite ice cream flavor?

    (Just kidding about the last...though I have wondered this.)

  3. Hmm... That is such a great idea!

    1) Where is He?

    2) Why did He allow this?

    3) Would He really send people to hell when they never even heard of him?

    Let me know how it goes?

  4. What a wondeful way to wake up fom a nap!

  5. 1. Why am I, in a world this big, important to God?

  6. Thank you, everyone! Keep 'em coming!

  7. Did God know when he created Adam and Eve that they would sin or did he hope they would be able to resist? If not, why would God create sinners?

  8. Do we go to heaven immediately, or later--when Jesus comes back.


  9. Here are some questions...

    What does God look like?

    How do I know God is speaking to me?

    The classic one from children...Is my dog in heaven?

  10. These are such great questions! Thank you all so much!


I appreciate your comments! I try to respond to each one.