Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"L" is for Limerick

A to Z Blogging Challenge: "L" is for Limerick

Writing Exercise: Write a Limerick.

Follow these guidelines from Limerick - Lesson Plans by
"A limerick is a rhyming, humorous, and often nonsensical five-line poem. The first, second, and fifth lines rhyme (forming a triplet), and have the same number of syllables. The third and fourth lines rhyme (forming a couplet), and have the same number of syllables. Limericks often begin with the words: There once was. . . or There was a. ."

Also, lines 1-2-5 should have equal syllables and lines 3-4 should have equal syllables.

My example is below.

Strong Hair
By Dawn M. Hamsher

There once was a girl with strong hair     -8
Whose fibers like steel were so rare.       -8
Once a boy came too near                     -6
And the tendrils did rear.                      -6
He lays on the floor, so beware.             -8


  1. Haha...I love it! I really enjoy reading limericks, but haven't spent much time writing them. I didn't even realize the syllable rules!


  2. Catherine, Me too! They can be so funny.

    Carla, Thanks. Thanks for stopping by. I've been enjoying your author posts!

  3. Something I've never tried! (I like the steel wool analogy.)

  4. Nice limerick!! What a fun "L" post.
    I never realized the rules... as a child, I just learned the rhythm like a song.

  5. Ha! Nicely done. It made me laugh. That seemed easier than writing a joke. Maybe because it's more structured?

    When I'm done with the A-Z challenge, I'm going to come back and try all these writing challenges. It's a lot of fun.

  6. Li, Jade, Shelli, Limericks are fun! They are a lot easier than jokes (at least for me). I go to RhymeZone for help with rhyming words.

    Shelli, Come back anytime! Glad you are having fun!

  7. There once was a gray cat named Dan
    Who loved kitty treats from a can
    If you patted your lap
    He would come take a nap
    Just listen! He snores like a man!

    There once was a girl named Sue
    Who recently had the flu
    Because she was ill
    She took a big pill
    And now she’s as good as new.

  8. Okay this is really bad, but I wanted to try it and I used tomorrow's M post as the subject.

    There once was a girl who served
    she was quiet and reserved
    For cooking she had a knack
    A main course or a light snack
    In jars fruit jelly she preserved

    I don't think the syllables are exact, but it was worth a shot!

  9. Oh, I like this Limerick. It's like a humorous short story. The photo also fits with it so well.

    The Madlab Post

  10. Pam, Dick and Brianna, Awesome limericks. Thanks for posting them. They made me smile.

    Nicole, Yeah, I was so lucky to find that photo...I can imagine her hair is strong (hee hee).


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