Friday, April 22, 2011

"T" is for Title

A to Z Blogging Challenge: 

"T" is for Title


The title sets the tone for your book or story. It is the first impression. It has to grab attention and make the reader want to open the book.



Elizabeth Richards’ article How to Write a Great Book Title has these tips:

  • Keep Titles Short and Sweet (easy to remember)

  • Make Titles Descriptive

  • Use Keywords and Key Story Elements to Create Titles

Writing Exercise: Which titles below sound interesting? Which do not? Create some interesting titles of your own or share story titles that you've already written. Share them in the Comments Section.

Book and Story Titles:
Average Jones
Do and Dare: A Brave Boy's Fight for Fortune
Little Women
Sam's Chance and How He Improved It
The Tin Box
The Scouts of Stonewall
Walk to the Cross
Ten Nights in a Bar Room
The Master of Silence: A Romance
The Garden of Survival
Amelia Bedilia
The Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard
The Guilty River
An Outcast of the Islands
Lois the Witch
Interview With a Pirate

New Grub Street
Autobiography of a Pocket-Hankerchief
Barnaby Rudge
The Pickwick Papers

Sister Carrie
Sticks and Stones

Mr. Meeson's Will
Held Fast for England
The Crayon Papers

P.S. I've thrown in a few of my own story titles above (sneaky, huh?).


  1. Another tip I heard about titles was to combine things that aren't normally used together. Like To Kill a Mockingbird-- great title because of the juxtaposition of mockingbird and kill.

    Hey thanks for visiting my blog and commenting so I could find yours!


  2. Some of my favorite titles are "Entwined Hearts", "Hot Days Cool Fun", and "It Seems Like Just Yesterday". I also like the one we both chose--"Sticks and Stones".

  3. Karen, Great suggestions! You gave me an idea for a title challenge. Put two different words together for unique murder mystery titles. How about:

    Dishpan Dead
    Paint by Blood
    Pickle & Hide

    Pam, I like the title "Entwined Hearts".

  4. I suck at titles, and this is the third post on titles I've read. The universe has spoken. Time for me to listen.

  5. I get stuck when it comes to titles, so thanks for the help. Happy Easter and a joyous Resurrection Sunday to you!

  6. I like The Crayon Papers.

    Titles are difficult for me. I can never seem to find the right exciting words.

  7. I have a title I think may catch the eye but just not sure about it....


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