Friday, April 29, 2011

"Z" is for Zzz...Writing Sounds

A to Z Blogging Challenge: 
"Z" is for Zzz...Writing Sounds

Ohhhhh, I love to use sounds in my writing! But how do you spell the words correctly? I started a list of word sounds (at bottom) and then found this GREAT website that tells you how to spell them! Yippee!


Writing Exercise: Write a poem or story using sounds. Share in the Comments Section. My response is below.

The frisbee whizzed through the air. It thudded against the chalkboard. Ellie Mae put her hands on her hips and with a tsk-tsk-tsk proceeded to tell Bobby that he would be in big trouble if Ms. Cruz had been in the room. Just then the door clicked open and Bobby heard the familiar clack-clack-clack of shoes on the polished floor. He froze. It wasn't Ms. Cruz. It was Mr. Upperman, the principal, who merely pointed toward the office. 

As Bobby sat down in front of the big mahogany desk, Mr. Upperman began the usual drum-drum-drum of his fingers on the glass top. Soon the lecture would begin. Why didn't he learn? He always got caught.   

Fun Sound list:
Aw               vroom        tweet              zap            Tick-tick-tick
Grrrrr           gurgle           pop              Smack          Tic Toc
Ugh              tut-tut          sniff             smooch          tap-tap
Ugh              poof             BAM!            crack            snap
Kerplunk       grrrrowl        POW!            sputter         zooom
Whoosh        woof woof     ruff ruff         boom         Mmm-mmm
Err               Ummm          bzzzz            ding             Mmm
Ah hah!         Uh uh           Uh-huh          Uh-huh?       Mmm?
Uh-oh           Yuck             Yikes!           Aaahhh!       Yikes!
Burp             Eek!             Squeak          chhut           Whoops!
Ding              whizz            poof             flap            Oops!
Aargh!          Hooeee!        Hooah!          Hmm           Waaa!
Whoa!           Dink              drip              plop           boo hoo
scritch-scratch   eh?           splish-splosh   drum-drum  hoot 
Screech         Yoo hoo        Plunk             plonk           Hoo Hoo
Bleep            blip               swish            sigh             ooowww
Ha ha           grunt             sizzle            tsk, tsk           Yeow!
Ummph         humph          Oi!                Splat            slurp

Other writing sound source:    


  1. You know something Dawn? I had drafted a post with exactly the same title as yours LOL!
    But since the content is quite different I'm going ahead with it anyway.
    Great post - hope you've had a great time with the Challenge. Take care.

    Life on The Farm

  2. I did the same Z too, but also different content. Glad the challenge is over, might get a few other things done now (might not).

    Moody Writing

  3. I like using sounds too! Sometimes it's difficult to capture them, though.
    The faint screeee of metal on metal woke me in an instant. My stomach grumbled at the wet glurp and thunk of my dinner landing on a plate. I stretched luxuriously, then tensed at the sound of toenails clicking on wooden floorboards. "Pfft!" I said, displaying my previously concealed weaponry. And the great hairy beast laid down in obedience. I am The Cat; all bow down before me.

  4. Grandpa, That's funny. I did have a great time with A to Z! Hope you did too.

    Mood, Yeah, me too. I started back working on my book. I had fun, but it did take most of my spare time.

    Li, I love your "cat" story! Neat! I wondered where you were going with it when I saw "concealed weaponry". LOL.

  5. Congrats, you're done with this challenge! Great Z post, and thanks for the onomatopoeia link. It was really nice meeting/reading you. I'll be back after my cyber break. Blessings!

  6. Hey Dawn, just saw your comment on my R is for Restore post - cracked me up. Yes some yoga poses do look silly. But it feels so good, so sneak off by yourself sometime and do it in secret....shhhhh....

  7. Great list of sounds! It'll come in very handy!

    Yay! We did it! I knew we would and it feels so good :D

  8. I should be catching some of thoz z's right now, but God had other planz. Maybe I should run over to Sheetz for a couple of coffeez to put some pzazz in my steps. I think the early hour haz unzipped my zanyness.
    Thanz for so many great writing ideaz. You know how I love promptz! See you later!
    Pam Williams

  9. Wow! Yeah, it IS great to meet you. :) This is such a useful post. I'll be visiting that site soon - to learn more! I love it.

    Terrific blog.

  10. Petra, It's been so good to meet you through A to Z!

    Melissa Ann, Thanks for the yoga fun!

    Brianna, Yeah, we did it!

    Pam, And now you want to do the Z to A Challenge? Are you crazy? Rest, woman!

    RG, I can't wait to visit your post again too!


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