Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Y" is for Yourself

A to Z Blogging Challenge - "Y" is for Yourself 

I've really enjoyed visiting different blogs and getting to know you a little bit through comments. I'd like to know more!

Writing Exercise: Write one paragraph that shares something about you. It can be about your favorite things, your personality, or about a specific childhood memory. Share in the Comments Section.  
My response is below.

I wanted to be just like Rachel with her long blond hair and her Jordash jeans with the comb sticking out the back pocket. I wanted to be cool, like Rachel. I was just an ugly duck, a military brat, trying to fit in, never having friends because we moved so often. My short permed hair and glasses were gross. I tried to imitate Rachel. The way she walked. The way she feathered her hair. If she did it, I did it. She often got mad at me for copy-catting her, but I just wanted her beauty to rub off on me. 

For another story about me see Double-Dutch.


  1. I like to dance when no one is looking. I often get up early, take my mp3 player to the basement and dance as I listen to the Women of Faith Worship team sing praise songs. It sets the mood for my whole day as I begin it praising God with singing and dancing.
    Pam Williams

  2. My favorite thing is watching children play, laugh, and sometimes cry (I get to do this often as I babysit). They live 'in the moment', no regrets, no worries. Isn't that nice?

    Life on The Farm

  3. When I am alone I love just sit outside and listen to my neighbourhood's noises. I listen to the birds, the cars going by, the kids laughing and yelling down the street, the sound of the bees and the wind through the trees and the garden.
    Unfortunately, living in Canada limits these opportunities to the months from the end of April to late September - otherwise it is a bit chilly to sit

  4. Before I share a bit about me, I have to mention how our 'great' minds think alike! I also used 'you' for 'Y'.

    Did you know that I'm a certified scuba-diver? I got certified when I was 16 because I was intent on becoming a marine biologist. I discovered that diving in fresh water is much more my speed. And later I discovered that science is my enemy. I still dream of writing a book about a marine biologist one day. That way the certification wouldn't have been useless.

  5. I love peace and quiet, sitting out on the deck and listening to nothing but the sounds of nature. But my favourite place to be is among the fuzzy noses of donkeys at the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada. Now that is like a little piece of heaven for me.

  6. I love ballet, but have no rythym, sense of beat, I might be close to tone deaf, but despite that in college I took a ballet class. My teacher often shook her head at me and said, "That is so ugly."

  7. You all are wonderful! Thank you for sharing a little bit about yourself. It is neat to get to know you better.


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