Monday, April 18, 2011

"P" is for Poke 'Em in the Eye - Blogs that Get Attention!

A to Z Blogging Challenge: 
"P" is for Poke 'Em in the Eye - Blogs that Get Attention!

Do I have your attention?
When I started blogging a few months ago, I was looking for advice on how to blog well. I found two articles that helped me tremendously.

Attention Grabbing Blogging by Darren Rowse

The 5 Immutable Laws of Persuasive Blogging by Brian Clark.

Here are my take-aways from these articles:

  • Use Good, Attention-Grabbing Titles
  • Ask a Question (I often leave a comment to a post that asks a question)
  • Use a Picture that Fits the Post
  • Post Interesting and Useful Things
  • Tell a Story
  • Use an Easy-to-Read format (use bullets when possible)
  • Shorter Posts are Usually Better
  • Use Humor
Note: Darren Rowse also suggests a blog post "Be Controversial" and "Make a Bold Claim", but neither of these fits my style.
Blog-Improvement Exercise: Jot down two things that you can improve on your blog. Share them in the Comments Section. Then go to work to make the changes on your future posts.


  1. I'm gonna work on Attention Grabbing Titles and posting Interesting and Useful things. Thank you for the links and wisdom!
    My Blog

  2. I would say I need to shorten mine and consider adding pix. Thanks for the info. I am so new at this every little tip helps!

  3. Maybe ask questions following each post, but I'm still trying to decide if I really like that. :-) And watching the post length and layout. Great P post and suggestions!

  4. Great title for this one!
    These are great tips! Coming up with great titles is difficult enough when I'm working on a manuscript for publication. I might just go crazy having to think of equally engaging titles for every blog post!

  5. Brianna, I didn't post it so you would stress! All are just suggestions! :0)

  6. I should really work on making my posts shorter in general... I tend to ramble if I'm not careful. And I'm trying to get better at using more pictures.


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