Monday, August 1, 2011

Imagination Sparks Blogfest - Photo Write

I've joined the Imagination Sparks Blogfest! Each day we are to post 1 idea that would spark the imagination!

Here is today's idea:

Use photos as writing prompts.

To spark the imagination weekly go to 1st Writes blog called See*Photo*Write. Our group created this Monday photo prompt. We each write about the week's photo on our personal blogs, then we linky it to 1st Writes. We'd love to have you join us!

I also have a page call Foto Prompts with some great photos to spark your writing. Hope you enjoy!



  1. For some reason photos draw out the humor in me. I remember as a Senior in High School working on the yearbook. My favorite part was helping to write the captions under the candid photos. Great suggestion, Dawn.
    Pam at

  2. Pam, Photos say so much, but writing can say even more! I love to see how several people respond to one photo. They will each be unique and that is just awesome.

  3. I love photo prompts! When I took creative writing my junior year it was always my favorite project. I just like how everyone has a different take on the same scene!

  4. Photos make excellent prompts, I sometimes use them when I'm doing children's writing workshop. The kids love one I've got of a gladiator checking his mobile phone :)

  5. I also love reading the different interpretations of the same photo and pictures are great inspiration!

  6. Samantha -- So true!

    Charmaine -- Never thought of using them for children workshops, but they'd love it!

    Brianna -- I agree!


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