Monday, August 29, 2011

See Photo Write - Bottles of Lies

Today was my day to post for Monday's  
See Photo Write photo prompt on 1st Writes. 
I wanted some fantasy!  
If you'd like do this writing prompt, write a post and linky it on the See Photo Write link above! Below is my response. 
Bottles of Lies
by Dawn M. Hamsher

Alandra's aunt had always been a wild beauty with admirers from kingdoms near and far. Alandra never questioned the beauty until today when Mab stopped by. 

"Oi 'ave a package for Mistress."

"I'll give it to her for you."

"Oh, no young miss. It's only for 'er. Can't leave it, but oi late and Missus Blightly is a right crank, she is."

"Really Mab! Do you think I wouldn't give a package to my aunt?"

"Oh dear, oh dear, o' course you would. Forgive me, Miss." Mab bowed and quickly stuffed a small package into Alandra's hands, closing her fingers around it. She leaned in and her oniony words said, "This be only for your aunt 'n remind her to follow the directions exactly. I best hurry now!"

Alandra carried the package in and unwrapped its silvery paper and twine to reveal a little ornate bottle filled with a pearly white liquid. Attached to it was a hand-written note from the famous potion-maker herself.

Porcelain Skin Potion

Two drops, no more.

One per cheek will make skin like fine china.

As with the others, apply at sunrise.

Alandra slipped into her aunt's room and easily spotted the bottles on her dressing table. She could tell they were all from Golweina. They all had the same silver bases and slender tops. 

Alandra had always assumed that they were perfumes, but had wondered why Aunt Deidre had flown into a rage one day when she caught Alandra looking at one. Now she knew. They were powerful beauty potions, not to be played with.

Alandra set the bottle down with thump and looked in the mirror at her own reflection. She pushed her hair behind her ears. She could easily find fault with her crooked smile, her plain brown hair, and her ears that were a little too pointy. There was a time when she would have tried a potion, but not now. Drayden loved her the way she was. She smiled at that.

She left the potion, with its note still attached, there in front of the others, sitting on top of its silvery paper. She knew her aunt would be angry, but at least there would be no more lies.