Monday, August 8, 2011

See Photo Write Challenge - Sieur de Monts Spring

See Photo Write is a Photo Prompt on 1st Writes
Here was today's photo prompt and my response.

Sieur de Monts Spring, Acadia, Maine

Eliza looked down.

They had been courting for two years. George continued to press her to set a wedding date. How could she tell him that didn't love him, that she had never ever loved him. She had been flattered that he had asked her to dance and it was easy to be near him, but she didn't love him.

"George, there's something I need to tell you..."

"Yes, Eliza dear. I am all ears."

"Oh George, I-I don't love you," she blurted.

He took her hand gently and whispered, "Eliza, I know that. I've known that a long time, but I love you and for me...that is enough."

----------------------------------------------------------------100 word drabble

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