Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Re-Name My Characters!

I need help with four of my character names! Below I have listed the current name and a brief description. Based on that, could you suggest some fitting names?

1. Stock - Bad guy, does the dirty work for the lead bad guy. He is stocky, thick-headed, dim-witted, and likes to eat roast dog (yeah, gross!). Balding. He's not a mean person by himself, but he's in a bad crowd and follows out orders that are pretty nasty. He has no problem killing if the boss tells him to do it. He desperately wants approval from his partner in crime. His favorite past-time is wrestling and whittling. He's made some really nice wood carvings.

2. Tess Gilmour - Looking for a new last name for Tess. Tess is African American, vibrant, artsy, adventurous, and a good friend. She studies people and gets to know them. She is interested in the little things and gains trust easily. Her outfits are colorful. She loves long skirts and gaudy jewelry. She is a painter and sculpture. She always has her sketchbook and pencils.

3. Annalee (This name is okay, but I'd like some other options) - She runs a tavern called The Good Traveler in a rural location of my made-up world. She has seen hard times. Her son was kidnapped 30 years ago and she never got him back. She is a hard worker. Often overworked and tired. Older looking than she really is. Thin. Husband is a good man, but he is lazy. She has blond hair, which is turning gray. She is sharp and knows how to run her inn well. Task-oriented.

4. Cemetery Keeper (aka Gatekeeper) - Need a real name for him. He is old. Knees are shot. Needs to retire. Missing two teeth and eye sight is failing. Has protected the cemetery for 42 years. Short and slight in stature, but stronger than he looks. Lives alone. Whistles to keep himself company. Loves to hear a good story.

5. Dodds vs. Dubbs - Do you have a preference between these too names? All we know about this bad guy is that he flubbed up a job and the lead bad guy killed him off. He's mentioned several times. 

If you would like to offer suggestions, just put the corresponding number with the suggested name in the Comment Section (Example: 1. Brodrick). Thanks for your help!