Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Spark Blogfest - Post #4

Today's post will be a little different for Sparkfest. I'm turning it into a writing exercise!

Writing Exercise: Write about "a spark" for 10 minutes.  

My response is below.

The spark fluttered and sputtered in the darkness. The tiny pinpoint of glimmering light moved slowly through the forest, searching. It stopped occasionally to rest on tree branches, but only for a moment at a time. It was careful not to cause damage. If the wood started to smoke, the spark reluctantly moved on. No need to burn the whole forest down because of his failure.

How could he have lost her! He had the perfect disguise, a single, minute spark, not even the size of a flame. Perhaps that is why he did lose her. He had become bedazzled by the light of the roaring campfire as it crackled around him. When he looked to where she had been standing, he saw only the scruffy men, some drunk, some singing, some already snoring. The girl, who he was paid so richly to follow, was gone.

I'd love to have you join in! 
Continue the story in the Comment Section or write your own "spark" entry!