Monday, August 22, 2011

See Photo Write

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Monday's photo prompt on See Photo Write screams science fiction! I've never written that, so I'm excited to give it a try! If you'd like do this writing prompt, write a post and linky it on the See Photo Write link above!

Below is my response. 

Solitary Confinement
by Dawn M. Hamsher

The moon of Lydria was just a sliver on the horizon now. I'd watched this stupid moon for a month now inside this cramped security pod. How long would I have to wait to be summoned for my trial?

The pod, model CELL5800, was a spacious 6' x 6', one of the newest in the Galaxy fleet, so I had been told by the disgusting half-breed Mercenian guard. How lucky for me. There was just enough room to stretch out. Just enough room to go insane.

I have had plenty of time to explore my environment.  I have a luxurious seat, which folds down as a bed and up as a waste disposal unit. I have an exercise bar from the ceiling and I can turn the compartment's gravity on and off whenever I want or set it to the gravity level of my choice. Now that's freedom! 

The pod is installed with a 24 hour voice recorder. I guess they are hopeful that the solitary confinement will cause me to confess. Before being stuffed in here, another detainee yelled to me, saying that the pod will immediately take me to the security base for sentencing if I confess. Good to know. I wonder how many innocents confess just to get out of the box. Most of the time I just sing as loud and as off-key as I can in hopes that Security might tune in and get an agonizing earful.

The pod's autovender is stocked with waste disposal wipes, stale water, and 2 months worth of meals. Great. And first rate meals they are too, all dehydrated. I'd only heard about the brand DexGourmet before this. But now I can say I've had the pleasure of trying all the delicious-sounding meals: Blackened Leon Eel with Churod Rice, Savory Gero Tips and Kuloroots, Silon Pasta with Wild Truffions. Now I know the truth; They taste just like plasteen containers they come in. 

Oh, I almost forgot the best part of the pod. The window. The window with the most excellent view. Well, it was excellent for about a week. Now, I can't stand it. The water never changes. The darkness never changes. Only the moon changes like the slow creeping of time. I wonder how many other poor souls are out here in security pods, living out their own hell.   

OK, blog buddies, did you like this? I enjoyed it so much I want to write more! Right now I have no idea if my character is male or female or if he/she is innocent or even what the charge is. What are your thoughts? Should I write more?