Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Attributes of Writers - T

Writers are a special breed. We have unique qualities that help us make music with our words. Those same qualities might also put us in the loony bin, but isn't it worth it?! So, pull up a chair, let's explore our "specialness" together through the A to Z Challenge. If we can understand our attributes as writers, we can be cured, right?                   Dawn (P.S. Thanks for stopping by. Writing is lonely and I need your company!)

Photo by G. Hamsher, 2013

Writers are...

Tough -
they never cry (well, almost never)

Sometimes it takes months or years to hear back from a publisher. The waiting is tough. Sometimes you get rejected. Rejection is tough.
Sometimes critiques of your work can leave you reeling. Critiques can be tough.
But, from all of i
t, you learn.
You've gotta be tough. Writing is not for sissies!

What have you had to be tough at?
I've had to be "tough" waiting for a poem I wrote to be published. I signed the contract 1 1/2 years ago and the editor lost it. Then, the editor promised it would come out in Jan. 2013. Then said March. Now April. I'm still hopeful ('cause I'm tough)!


  1. So true, Dawn! You and I have shared many of these "toughening" situations over the past four years. So glad to have you helping me through them. Remember the Upper Room fiasco? I am still intimidated by that little book! LOL!

  2. I agree with that! Writers are another kind of people. I think it is real talent, gave from God. Greetings from Poland!

    1. Zim, Yes, So glad you lift up praise to God for writing talent! Thanks for visiting!

  3. Writers develop the talent to wait for things. They learn to be patient. But sometimes I send an email to the editor that shows that it is not fair. Promise is a promise. She promised that my book was published in March. Then I got a mail that the September would be edited. After my mail the manuscript in four weeks was ready for the press. And finally succeeded.

    I love this blog and I smiled when I read it.

    1. Jedidja, patience is hard to learn. I sometimes wonder why editors do that (postponing, etc). Don't they know how it affects the writers?!

      P.S. Glad this post made you smile. Aren't the action figures funny?

  4. i have my fingers crossed that you wont have to wait much longer

    1. Jette, Thanks, girl! I need to check their site and see if it's published yet.

  5. Replies
    1. Sometimes we don't have a choice (and I don't feel very tough).


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