Friday, April 26, 2013

Attributes of Writers - W

Writers are a special breed. We have unique qualities that help us make music with our words. Those same qualities might also put us in the loony bin, but isn't it worth it?! So, pull up a chair, let's explore our "specialness" together through the A to Z Challenge. If we can understand our attributes as writers, we can be cured, right?                   Dawn (P.S. Thanks for stopping by. Writing is lonely and I need your company!)

A writer is...

Watchful -
 on the lookout for book material

If you think you're being watched, it's probably just a writer gathering information for a book! 

Have you ever "watched" people to get information for writing? 
I have. I sat in a coffee shop once and took notes about the customers. I dreamed up lives for them based on what they looked like, what they wore, and how they acted. (P.S. It is also very entertaining. I got to see a man dressed in bacon pajamas. His PJ's read "Everything tastes better with bacon".)


  1. That was such a fun exercise! We need to do it again.

  2. That does sound like fun. Can I come next time?

  3. I bought a journal for this very reason! I think I know that guy with the bacon P.J.'s :D

  4. I did the same thing on a boat cruise in Turkey I wrote down things about the people and they never guessed.


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