Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Attributes of Writers - Z

Writers are a special breed. We have unique qualities that help us make music with our words. Those same qualities might also put us in the loony bin, but isn't it worth it?! So, pull up a chair, let's explore our "specialness" together through the A to Z Challenge. If we can understand our attributes as writers, we can be cured, right?                   Dawn (P.S. Thanks for stopping by. Writing is lonely and I need your company!)

A writer is often...

Zoned Out -    

staring into space and drooling

Staying up late to write gives you that zoned out look the next morning. Writers, you need sleep! You can't live by the pen alone. Catch some Zzz's and awake refreshed the next morning (You'll write better too!)

What's the longest stretch of time you spent writing without sleep? 


  1. i once painted for nearly 24 hours...it isn't the greatest idea, you arej ust too unfocused after a while

  2. When I was a bit younger I stayed awake for about 48 hours. Couldn't do it now if I tried. It helped we spent half the night on an empty ski slope.

  3. I seem to write in relatively short spurts--four hours straight at most. Then I take a break. Sometimes I have stayed up till midnight writing, went to bed, and have gotten awake at 4:30 with the irresistible urge to take up where I left off. So by 9:30AM, when the rest of the world is wide awake, I am drooping.


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