Sunday, February 22, 2015

Doodle Cards - Make Your Own Cards!

Doodle Card = Doodle art on a card.

Do you doodle while you are in staff meetings? Or during class? Well, maybe Doodle Cards are for you! Turn doodling into awesome cards that you can give with love!
Awhile back, I bought a doodling book because it looked like so much fun. It sat on my shelf until I needed a new elective for the teen youth group I help with. So, I started a Doodle elective.
Then, I decided to started the card ministry and a friend gave me two stacks of white card stock. Bing! Idea. I'll make cards. I'll doodle art on them! And, the teens have been helping to color them!
At first, to get started, I used the doodling book's ideas on the cards. As I gained confidence, I started adding Scripture and creating my own doodle art.
I just use regular envelopes, but you can get them in colors too!

 Do you doodle or make cards?


  1. Those doodle cards are lovely! I love to doodle, but not sure they would be cardworthy! Will have to check out that book. I do make cards on and off when I have the time and a few girlfriends to get together for a card-making day, but I use mostly paper, buttons, ribbon, and stamps. It's a great pastime, and very relaxing. Thanks for displaying your creations!

    1. Oh, a card-making day with girlfriends -- that sounds like fun! I do card-making with teens at youth group, but we either doodle or stamp them. It would be fund to use buttons and ribbons!


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